Clock in the Bookcase | Photo by Anita Anand

Two days ago, the clock which resides in my bookshelf died. It was a clock I loved dearly.

An iconic art deco design, I found it in a shop in Amsterdam in the early 2000s. It called out to me as my eyes swept through the clocks and watches displayed…

The Adenium with Nasturtium, on the Terrace

Last Sunday morning, I did something I thought I could never do.

I took a pair of clippers to the Adenium tree on our terrace and trimmed it down to something unrecognisable. The adenium, also known as the Dessert Rose, is a small succulent tree with magnificent blooms and rich…

Artwork by Anita Anand

Recently I was on an online Lit Fest Session with two co-authors in a discussion on the recently released book titled ‘The Phoenix Rises: Lockdown Chronicles’. Edited by Amit Dasgupta, a retired foreign service professional in India, the book is a collection of writings — stories, poems, and ruminations —…

Istalif, the hill town, north of Kabul | Photo by Anita Anand | 2012

Sitting in Delhi, I am a little numb, slightly teary, and very sad.

The news from Afghanistan over the last 72 hours is shocking. …

Raw Mango | Photo by Anita Anand

I recently realized that I am meditating while making raw mango chutney.

But it wasn’t always so. Raw mango chutney has been made in our kitchen for many years. And most of this time, I have left it to Prakash, our cook and home manager. I would look up the…

Artwork of Peaches | Anita Anand

It’s the peach season.

Most years, I eat the peaches. But then, how many can I eat? Why not preserve them, I thought.

I asked Saleem, my vegetable and fruit vendor in my neighbourhood, if he had peaches. Yes, he said. Are they good, I asked? Oh yes, I’m sending…

When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, I was due for a haircut. I wear my hair short and feel there are multiple joys and advantages to this. The downside is that it needs a trim every 6 weeks. At least I think so.

Well, the trim wasn’t going…

Images of Teabags | Pinterest

Last year, during the lockdown, I spent more time with the plants in my home than I have in the last 30 years.

The gardener, Ramu, who comes twice a week couldn’t, so Prakash — our full time staff person who lives on the second floor of our home with…

Italian Artwork | Photo by Anita Anand

Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri: A Book Review

Powder Puff Watercolour | Anita Anand

I first came across a powder puff on my mother’s dressing table. It lay inside a cylindrical box, on top of a bunch of white powder.

My mother would open the box with one hand, lay the lid down, gently push the puff against the powder and then swish it…

Anita Anand

I read, write, paint, take photographs, bake and cook and enjoy thinking and good conversation.

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